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Sales Question
Can I get the Ark console with Line inputs only?

Yes, you can.
We have our IP112 module available for this.
But our question is, do you really want to, and why?
Our Mic Pre is amazingly well designed, and can accept any signal (including line signals, guitars and synths)
While we can drop the Mic Pre, in total cost of the console, it really is only a very small saving.

To put things in perspective:
A basic Neve 5088 only has line inputs.
The full option Ark console (including Mic Pre on all channels) is at about one third of the price of the basic Neve 5088 or one fifth to one tenth of any large-format SSL console.
If you want us to drop the Mic Pre because you think you’ll be saving on cost of the console, it may be worth reconsidering.

Sales Question
Can you modify the Ark console so it is more like the Neve, API or SSL consoles?


Sorry to sound a little blunt, but if you want us to build a copy of any other console, you have come to the wrong place. The Ark console has been designed with input from a lot of audio professionals.
The Ark is not a copy of any other console, but has features and routing options, unheard of in the Neve, API or SSL world. The Ark offers the same (if not better) sound quality as these consoles, at a much lower price point.

But the Ark is what it is. There are a lot of options and configurations available, but please don’t ask us to modify the Ark console to be more like a Neve, API or SSL console. If you want one of these consoles, you should really contact those companies (and be prepared to pay three to five times the price of what the Ark would cost).

Sales Question
Can you send me a quote?

Of course we can, and we love to, but let’s have a chat first.
We strive to give all our customers full attention and the best service (just like you would do in your studio).
But we also like to plan things (just like you would do in your studio), and make sure the cooperation will work so we will not run into discussions (just like you would do in your studio).

As a boutique manufacturer, we are quite busy with all the products we're building, it’s not like we are desperate for orders.
Sorry to sound a little blunt, but for us it is not about "the sale".
For us it’s about helping our customers to set up their "dream studio".
If you can find yourself in this, we should have a talk, preferably before we send you a quote.

For us, a quote means a long calculation of all parts (in stock or to be ordered), if possible including a nice discount and working out shipping and install. We take all quotes very serious, and need days to work them out.
Please respect our time and efforts by only asking a quote if you are ready to order.
If you want to get some rough idea on pricing, our
pricing page is the first place to go.

Sales Question
Can I get the Ark in another colour?

Of course you can.

All the faceplates of the Ark modules are done in small quantities.
Actually these are usually done per console to make sure they are from the same batch and have no colour differences.
Our faceplates are printed full colour - in the anodising of the aluminium.
The print will never come off (really, not even in 20 years).

We can do those faceplates in any colour and with any printing or labelling.
If you feel creative, you can even design your own, using pictures, images, wild colours, anything you like.

Ofcourse, position of knobs and switches can not be changed, but apart from that, almost anything is possible.
Just ask.

Product question
What are Inductors ?

Inductors are wires wound around a coil that provide a form of frequency-dependant resistance. When they saturate, they bring out beautifully musical harmonics that give your tracks the silky-smooth, polished sound that has made classic consoles and equipment so desirable for over sixty years. This is what makes them different from capacitor-based EQ designs, which do a great job at surgical equalisation. But it has always been up to Inductors to provide the tone.

Our Inductive EQ’s are packed with inductors.

While some of the inductors we use are off-the-shelf, we have choosen to also use custom inductors. This attention to detail in controlling variables such as the winding and core materials in relation to the surrounding circuitry allows our Inductive EQ’s to capture the classic sound, while at the same time be up to todays standards in sound-quality and noise level.


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We suggest you pour yourself a nice drink, sit down, put your feet on desk/console and enjoy the time browsing through these pages.

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