IP508 / IP51x

Ark is the only console which offers support for both 500 and 51x modules.

The middle section of the input channels and/or the master section can have two rows of 8 slots for 500 modules or two rows of 8 slots for 51x modules (for a total of 16 slots per block of 8 channels and/or per master section).

None of these slots are “tied” to the channels.
Actually the slots are totally independent from the rest of the console.
They have their own I/O connectors on the back panel, and even have their own power supply.

Think of it as two 8-slot racks which are installed in the
This allows full flexibility, since you can use any 500/51x module (or chain of modules) on any channel.

Our IP508 board has 8 slots for 500 series modules.
Multiple IP508 boards can be installed in the Ark console.

Our IP51x board has 8 slots for 51x series modules.
Multiple IP51x boards can be installed in the Ark console.
(note that 500 series modules can be used with our IP51x board)

What is the difference between 500 slots and 51x slots?

500 slots use
15-pin EDAC connectors. 51x slots use 18-pin EDAC connectors.

The first 15 pins of the 51x 18-pin connector are used in the exact same way as the original 500 series rack.
51x slots are fully compatible with standard 500 series compliant modules.
This means you can either use 500 modules or 51x modules in a 51x slot.
But 51x modules can only be used in 51x slots.

500 and 51x modules have the same dimensions, only the connector is different.

What are the additional connection points on the 51x slots used for?

These are used for +/- 24 Volt power rails.
Since the Ark runs on these +/- 24 Volts power rails, this makes perfect sense.

We are the only console manufacturer offering support for 51x modules.
We offer this support, so the large DIY community out there can make use of this to design and build modules requiring +/- 24V, like NEVE, Neumann or Telefunken style circuits.
We also hope to make it easier for other manufacturers to start using this improved specification and look forward to a range of high-quality 51x modules.


Important !

Ark Console 500 slots are wide open to the inside of the console.
Contrary to a 500 series rack, these slots are vertical.
Make sure to fill these slots with 500 series modules, or to add (and fix) blank panels to the empty slots.
(blank panels are available in our webshop)

If you leave slots open, and any metal part is dropped inside the console, a lot of really bad things can happen.
You don’t want short-circuits to happen, and we don’t want having to trouble shoot which part of the console got blown up because of these short-circuits.

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