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Our story

After working with Malcolm Toft at another pro audio manufacturer for years, Malcolm and I got together late 2012, to talk about a new range of products. Malcolm wanted to go back to his roots, and again offer the pro audio community classic, analogue products, building on the heritage of Trident and MTA.
Malcolm did not want to get involved with sales, marketing and branding, and invited me to handle all that. We started a unique collaboration of two separate companies, based in two different countries. Each company being in the industry for decades and each company doing what it’s best at. We decided to brand the products under the Ocean Audio name.

Ocean Audio took off rather well, but late 2015, Malcolm announced he wanted to retire, and be no longer involved with Ocean Audio.
Since then, I have been bringing in new designers, setting up manufacturing, working out new products, talking with a lot of industry professionals, veteran and young producers, retailers, musicians, distributors, engineers, DJ’s and even young kids still in training. Getting all their feedback and combining this into the design of classic analogue products, upgraded for the 21st century workflow.
These years have been big fun and we achieved amazing results. Because of Malcolm’s retirement, all Malcolm Toft designed Ocean Audio products are end-of-life and are no longer produced.

The present and the future
For over 2 years, a whole group of designers, from all over Europe, has been working on new products. We combined British design and tradition, French flair, Italian style, German grundlichkeit, Belgian concensus and Dutch dynamics. In short, the best of the EU and the UK, and although we’re not there yet, we’re incredibly proud of what we've achieved so far. You can find more info about these European designed and hand-crafted products on the other pages of this website.

To avoid all confusion between Malcolm Toft built products, and the new products, and since we actually took a new start, the brand name has been changed from Ocean Audio to Interphase Audio.

We hope you like the new Interphase Audio products.

Best Regards
Bruno Wynants and the whole, international, Interphase Audio crew

We are based in the Ardennes, in the South of Belgium.
A 30 minute drive in any direction will take you to the abbeys brewing the finest beers in the world. Orval, Rochefort and Chimay to name just a few. These breweries cherish the ancient art of handwork and attention to detail.

While our products do not have anything to do with beers, we honour the work of the monks by offering the same tradition of hand-craft and attention to detail.

Each of our products is constructed with respect for decades or even centuries of craftmanship.
All modules, parts and components are checked, double checked and triple checked.
And like the Trappist monks, we prefer not to be rushed.

To limit our ecological footprint, we work with local craftsmen as much as possible.
Each of our suppliers takes great pride in their work, and will go out of their way to make sure the part/module they assemble is 100% perfect. The downside of this is that supplies are limited so we can only build a limited amount of consoles (or channels) a month.

Striving for the highest quality, we have no intention to change this production method, and definitely will not set up production in China.

Depending on the amount of products/consoles we are building when you place your order, it may take some months between order and actual delivery.

While we went through every effort to make this site compatible with all kinds of smartphones and tablets, it is best viewed on a larger screen, because of the large amount of information, pictures, and navigation. We don’t doubt that most of our professional customers have a computer with a large screen in their studio.
We suggest to pour yourself a nice drink, sit down and enjoy the time browsing through these pages.

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Marketing kids and consultants will disagree, but then …
we are not a marketing company, there are way too many of these already.
We are just a boutique manufacturer trying to run an honest business with full respect for our customers.

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