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A number of modules have been designed for the Ark console.
These are the different lower input modules.

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The IP322 is the stereo lower input module (under construction)

It’s designed to offer extended auxiliary send options for the stereo channels. The IP322 can send the stereo signal to a total of 16 auxes, using our unique
Aux Doubling Technology

On the master section of the
Ark, you’ll find a total of 16 aux master outputs.
Two sets of eight, named Aux master “A” 1 to 8, and Aux master “B” 1 to 8.

At any time, 8 of these 16 auxes can be accessed from any channel.

There are 8 Aux Sends on the IP322 lower input.
Aux sends 1 to 4 are mono. Aux sends 5 to 8 are stereo pairs.

Each of the mono aux sends can be independently switched On/Off.
The stereo aux sends are switched per pair.

Each pair of auxes can be:

  • Switched Pre or Post fader.
  • Send to Aux master “A” or Aux master “B” output.

It means you can have up to 16 auxes, of which 8 can be accessed at the same time on a per-channel basis.
It means all these auxes can be switched pre or post fader. And it means each of these auxes can be independently turned on/off.

Left and Right signal can be Muted and Panned independently.

Solo functionality is globally controlled from the master section.
All the solo switches can act as PFL, AFL and even as destructive SIP.

[Safe] switch acts as “Solo Safe”, effectively making sure that the selected channels will not be muted when other channels are solo-ed.

All switches are illuminated, the light intensity can be globally controlled.

(The stereo fader is below the IP322, and is not pictured here)

Module Overview

Upper Input :

Upper Master :
Middle Input :

Middle Master :
Lower Input :

Main Master :

Input Faders :
Lower Master :

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