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A number of modules have been designed for the Ark console.
These are the different middle input modules.

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The IP211 module is used in a number of our products.

* as the middle input section of the Ark console
* two of these modules are used in the EQ 2.2 and EQ 2.2-VU
* eight of these modules are used in the EQ 8-R
* an Inductor EQ only version is used in the NDUCR
* an Inductor EQ only version is used in the Iridium

IP211 is designed to add colour to your signal.
It has 4 EQ sections, which can be combined on the same signal path or can be used independent from each other on either the small fader or large fader signal path.

IP211 layout

Hi-Cut filter (also called Low-Pass filter)

As it’s name implies, the Hi-Cut filter cuts off the high frequencies.
It sweeps over 5 octaves from 16 KHz down to 500 Hz
Our Hi-Cut filter can be used on the A or B signal path,
and separate or in combination with the other EQ sections.

Lo-Cut filter (also called Hi-Pass filter)

As it’s name implies, the Lo-Cut filter cuts off the low frequencies.
It sweeps over 5 octaves from 25 Hz up to 800 Hz
Our Lo-Cut filter can be used on the A or B signal path,
and separate or in combination with the other EQ sections.

4-band inductor EQ

Inductor based circuits are the “holy grail” of equaliser designs.

These were used for example in the much favoured Pultec equaliser design,
which dates back to the late 1950’s.
Owing to their unique electro-mechanical properties,
inductors impart a character all of their own, which is very distinctive.

Our inductive EQ uses inductors in each of the four bands
(unlike other so-called inductive EQ’s on the market),
giving precise control and the distinctive inductor sound on each band.

And yes, you’ll get a very distinctive sound, which most sound engineers love.

As a consequence of using inductors, this provides a “peaking” characteristic,
giving much tighter control of the frequency selected.

The inductor values and components have been carefully chosen and matched
to provide an extremely musical sound.

Each band provides switch selection of any of six carefully selected frequencies
chosen at musically pleasing intervals.
Each band uses a fader - instead of a rotary potmeter - for cut and boost control,
allowing a maximum of plus or minus 15dB per band.

Our 4-band inductor EQ can be used on the A or B signal path,
separate or in combination with the other EQ sections.

Why faders instead of rotary controls ?

Simply, just because we like faders.
But also, because faders give much better visual control of the level of cut or boost, so you know what’s going on at a glance.

Four bands with switchable,
overlapping frequencies

- Low (Hz):
50, 80, 100, 150, 300, 600
- Low Mid :
125, 250, 500, 1K, 2K, 4K
- Hi Mid (kHz):
1.5, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8
- High :
8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16


Swing EQ

Our Swing EQ is a fast and easy way to make a track sound “warmer” or “cooler”.
By turning the one-control-knob counterclockwise, you attenuate the highs and boost the lows, making the sound darker.
By turning the one-control-knob clockwise, you attenuate the lows and boost the highs, making the sound brighter or cooler.
Our Swing EQ can be used on the A or B signal path, separate or in combination with the other EQ sections.

All four sections of the IP211 can be used independently from each other, on either of the signal paths,
or can be combined for “extreme” EQ-ing.


Below are some short movies of the EQ 2.2 (VU)
and a movie of the EQ 2.2’s big brother - the EQ 8.
All these product feature the IP211 module.
EQ sections and routing on the IP211, EQ 2.2 and EQ 8 are the same, so either movie should give you a good idea.

More pictures and movies can be found in our

EQ 8 movie

Piano and Bass - Bohemian Rapsody

EQ 2.2 movie

Acoustic Drums

EQ 2.2 movie

Electronic Drums

EQ 2.2 movie

Keyboard - Superstition

EQ 2.2 movie

Solo Vocal - Pump up the Jam

Having some fun with the Ark Console

Featuring the IP211 module

Module Overview

Upper Input :

Upper Master :
Middle Input :

Middle Master :
Lower Input :

Main Master :

Input Faders :
Lower Master :

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