Ark Modules

A number of different modules have been designed for the Ark console.
This is overview of the modules with links to their respective page.

Master Section

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Input VU Meters


Each 8 channel bucket has its own VU meters, which can read Mic/Line input, DAW input or Direct Output.

Global Meter Select (on the master section) switches
all input channel meters to read either the Mic/Line input, the DAW input or the Direct Out.

The meter sensitivity can be globally adjusted on the master section.
As standard, the meters read 0VU = +4dB
But to avoid the needle parking itself in the right-hand corner when working with “hot” signal levels, the meters can be switched to 0VU = +10dB

To avoid meter light bulbs blowing out, all VU meters are fitted with LED’s.

Input Channels - Upper Section


IP111 is our inline input / routing module, designed to handle multiple sources and to offer extended routing options.

IP111 has 3 inputs:

* Mic
* Line


IP115 is our inline input / routing module, very similar to the IP111

IP115 has 3 inputs:

* Group
* Line

IP115 features a Group input, instead of the Mic input of the IP111, so can turn any channel into a group master channel, but at the same time offers Line and DAW inputs.

Input Channels - Middle Section

The Middle Input Section can hold our own Multi EQ module,
or can have 2 rows of 8 slots for 500 or 51x modules.


IP211 is designed to add colour.
It has 4 EQ sections, which can be combined on the same signal path or can be used independent from each other on small or large fader path.

IP211 features:
* 4-band Inductive EQ
* Hi-cut filter
* Lo-cut filter
* Swing EQ

IP508 / IP51x
row of eight 500 or 51x slots
1 or 2 of these can be installed in the middle section
of the input channels and master section.

Input Channels - Lower Section


IP311 is designed to offer extended auxiliary send options for the Large and Small Fader path.

IP311 can send the LF and SF signals to a total of 16 auxes, using our unique Aux Doubling Technology

The fader section holds 8 high-quality Mute switches, and 8 high-quality and smooth ALPS K-faders. Optionally we can install other faders (like P&G for example)

Master - Upper Section

IP601 Group Master
Aux A Master
Aux B Master

The IP60x modules are the master output controls for the 8 subgroups, Aux A 1 to 8, and Aux B 1 to 8

Master - Middle Section

The Middle Master Section has 2 rows of 8 slots which each can contain

* blank panels (to put your FX, controllers or pedals)
* 8 slots for 500 series module (for your bus compressors)
* 8 slots for 51x modules (for the DIY guys)
* 8 multipurpose stereo (or mono) inputs
Below are 3 of the 12 possible combinations

IP508 / IP51x
16 slots for 500 or 51x series modules

IP508 and IP516
The IP516 is a multipurpose 8 stereo
(or mono) input module.
It replaces one row of 500/51x slots,
and can be used as effects or groups returns,
or for any stereo or mono source.

Dual IP516
The IP516 is a multipurpose 8 stereo input module.
Two of these can be installed for 16 stereo inputs to the mix bus. A third one can be installed below the IP70x module for a total of 24 stereo inputs to either or both mix buses.

Master - Main Master Section

Main Master Module with support
for 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 surround

Main Master Module with 2 stereo master outputs (no support for surround)

Master - Lower Section

The IP516 can be positioned above or below
the IP701 / IP702 main master module.
Multiple IP516 modules can be installed for additional inputs.

The IP516 is a multipurpose 8 stereo (or mono) input module.
It can be used as effects or groups returns,
or for any stereo or mono source.

Module Overview

Upper Input :

Upper Master :
Middle Input :

Middle Master :
Lower Input :

Main Master :

Input Faders :
Lower Master :

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