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Note on production / orders / lead time

We are based in the Ardennes, in the South of Belgium.
A 30 minute drive in any direction will take you to the abbeys brewing the finest beers in the world. Orval, Rochefort and Chimay to name just a few. These breweries cherish the ancient art of handwork and attention to detail.

While the Ark does not have anything to do with beers, we honour the work of the monks by offering the same tradition of hand-craft and attention to detail.

Every Ark is constructed with respect for decades or even centuries of craftmanship.
All modules, parts and components are checked, double checked and triple checked.
And like the monks, we prefer not to be rushed.

To limit our ecological footprint, we try to work with local craftsmen as much as possible.
Each of our suppliers takes great pride in their work, and will go out of their way to make sure the part/module they assemble is 100% perfect. The downside of this is that supplies are limited so we can only build a limited amount of consoles (or channels) a month.

Striving for the highest quality, we have no intention to change this production method, and definitely will not set up production in China.

Depending on the amount of consoles we are building when you place your order, it may take some months between order and actual delivery.


Ark 4048 - €22900

Ark 4048

Discrete, Class-A, analogue console with:
• 16 inline channels
• Dual audio path architecture with independent routing and inserts
• Each channel equipped with Mic Pre, and 2 slots for 500 series modules
• 40 slots for 500 series total
• 8 Group buses
• 16 Auxiliary buses
• 2 inserts per channel
• 2 Stereo Mix buses
• 8 Stereo Returns
• 48 inputs to the mix bus
• Full CRM section with 4 stereo speaker sets and 4 stereo external inputs
• Classic Analogue Metering with Global Meter Reading switching
• Global light intensity control

More options are available, which can be added when configuring a custom Ark console
• 8 or 16 additional Stereo Returns (for a total of 24 stereo returns)
• up to 16 slots for 500 series on master section
• Master Section with support for 7.1 surround
• producer desk / patchbay / rackrails for 19” outboard

The Ark 4048 is a standard console based on the Ark 8.

Module/channel/bucket details (left to right) :
Bucket 1: IP15 with 8x
IP111 + 2x IP508 + 8x IP311 + IP401
Bucket 2: IP15 with 8x
IP111 + 2x IP508 + 8x IP311 + IP402
Bucket 3: IP71 Master bucket with
IP702 + 1x IP508 + 1x IP516

Width: 97,1 cm / 38.23 inch
Depth: 120 cm / 47.24 inch
Height: 53,4 cm / 21.02 inch

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