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From the start, the Ark console has been about modularity and configurability.
A number of standard parts and modules can be combined in a lot of different ways, to configure exactly the console you want.

We tried to make configuring the Ark console as easy as possible, but there are a lot of options and possibilities.
You may need to read through the information on this website (sorry for that).

Ark8 is our fully configurable console, and can be almost any configuration you like.
We also offer a number of
preconfigured, standard configurations, to make things easier.

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Ark 832

Ark 832

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Ark 832

Discrete, Class-A, analogue console with:
• 8 inline channels
• Dual audio path architecture with independent routing and inserts
• Each channel equipped with Mic Pre, Equalisers and Filters
• 4 EQ sections per channel
• 8 Group buses
• 16 Auxiliary buses
• 2 inserts per channel
• 2 Stereo Mix buses
• 8 Stereo Returns
• 32 inputs to the mix bus
• Full CRM section with 4 stereo speaker sets and 4 stereo external inputs
• Classic Analogue Metering with Global Meter Reading switching
• Global light intensity control

More options are available, which can be added when configuring a custom Ark console
• 8 or 16 additional Stereo Returns (for a total of 24 stereo returns)
• up to 16 slots for 500 series on master section
• Master Section with support for 7.1 surround
• producer desk / patchbay / rackrails for 19” outboard

The Ark 832 is based on the Ark 8.

Module/channel/bucket details (left to right) :
Bucket 1: IP11 with 8x
IP111 + 8x IP211 + 8x IP311 + IP401
Bucket 2: IP77 Master bucket with
IP702 and IP516

Width (including wooden side panels): 659 mm (25.95 inches)
Depth (including lean bar): 1200 mm (47.24 inches)
Height (including top shelf): 534 mm (21.02 inches)

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