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500 EQ two

The Ocean Audio EQ two is no longer manufactured.
There is no Interphase Audio replacement product (yet)

The information on this page is for reference only.


500 EQ two


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500 EQ two

4-band EQ module

Note: this product is no longer manufactured and no longer available

The 500 EQ one is a classic Equaliser module.
It offers the Malcolm Toft Signature Sound for the 500-series.

Some of the highlights of the 500 EQ one :
* Classic EQ design
* 4-band EQ
* Two band sweep
* High and low shelving at 10kHz and 80Hz respectively
* Overlapping frequencies, chosen to be extremely musical
* Peak indicator & illuminated bypass
* Balanced input and output
* Designed by Malcolm Toft
* Hand-crafted and hand-wired by Ocean Audio

Technical Specifications

Input impedance : > 20K ohm balanced
Output Impedance : < 150 ohm balanced
Frequency Response : ± 1dB 20Hz to 20kHz
Maximum Output level : >+21dBm
Distortion : <0.05% at +20dBm 1 kHz
Noise : >-75dBm eq in, 20Hz to 20kHz
Power requirements : ± 16V DC 30mA approx.

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500 EQ two


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