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Interphase Audio
We design and build
original and unique analogue gear.

There are plenty small and large manufacturers who build copies of famous gear.
We are
not one of them.

All our products have been designed from the ground up, with todays workflow in mind.
All our products are absolutely original and unique.
If you are looking for something special, then you came to the right place.

Our first product is the Ark console.
More and rather exciting products are currently under development, so make sure to
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Ark8 console with 24 inline channels with slots for 500 modules on inputs and master section, and integrated patchbay with all cabling internally brought to the patchbay.
Ark Console
High Voltage - Discrete - Class-A
Modular - Configurable - Analogue

The Ark is so incredible that it deserves it’s own website.
You can find this here

You’ll be taken to

Other products
Other and rather exciting products will be announced shortly.

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